Wombworks 2020 Photos: M. Doradzil
The Wombshifter – a redshift from humanity The most relevating philosophical sentence does not origin from a philosopher's sense, mouth or writing – it's on the cover of the album „Duty now for the Future“ by the classic band DEVO. It says: „Biology is Destiny!“ Wiser words were never spoken! In spite of human illusions – men is an animal – a predator. As long we are on an biological evolution we are doomed to crave for power, prey, domination and therefore procreational success. It's hard wired to our brains. And to our DNA – of course. „Take Your right to kill – it's Your fuckin' nature!“, as the Band Whitehouse put it metaphorical. The only way to get things better ist to leave the biological evolution. Liberate the human consciousness from bodily limitations, mortality and senseless greed. Transfer the human mind to hardware. Leave mortality and scarity. Live forever and without any scarity. Join SMILE: „SpaceMigration-IntelligenceIncreasement-LifeProlongement“ As Dr. Timothy Leary put it. This is the Ektrophic Gospel. Join the Ektrophic Djihad – for a future – for an better future!